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Our Values and Ethos

Challenge, Aspire, Nurture 

To challenge, promote aspiration and nurture every child in an inclusive environment, which offers rich experiences and opportunities that successfully prepare them for the challenges of the future.


​We challenge every child by establishing high expectations, building key skills that deepen their learning enabling them to be effective communicators who can reason and explain their thinking.


We promote high aspirations for every child by offering experiences and opportunities through our rich and varied curriculum, working together to foster ambition in every child and equipping them with the tools to achieve their full potential.


We nurture our children by ‘modelling’ a relationship aware approach to education, valuing the individual, providing our children with social confidence and self-awareness. We communicate respectfully, building trust together.

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We have also linked these values to a Lifelong Learning Dimension and to an animal that lives in each classroom in the ‘Hertford Tree’ and that the children can then identify with in order to make them successful learners:

  • Friendly Mouse who reminds us to question
  • Caring Badger who helps us connects all our learning
  • Thoughtful Bat who reminds us to plan
  • Respectful Bee who helps us communicate
  • Enthusiastic Squirrel who encourages us to be creative thinkers
  • Ambitious Snail who reminds us to persevere in all we do
  • Butterfly who includes everyone

The whole school has a themed ‘Learning to Learn’ time at the start of the school year to ensure all pupils have great strategies to learn and understand the values and the life-long learning skills that we model.

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