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Specialist Interventions

Maths Intervention

Sp Maths


Some children may need some extra support with their maths learning. We have a variety of interventions in place for these children.  We use the First Class @ Numbers and Talking Maths interventions, both delivered by a Teaching Assistant.

First Class @ Numbers is designed to boost children's maths understanding, and fill any gaps they may have in their learning. The Talking Maths intervention is to help children to develop the language that they need in order to be able to understand mathematical concepts and questions.

Maths interventions are also used to support Greater Depth Mathematicians with a specfic focus on mathematical reasoning. 



Reading Intervention

Sp Reading(1)



Sometimes children need some support in their reading. We have a trained Higher Level Teaching Assistant who delivers the Fischer Family Trust (FFT) reading and writing intervention. This involves daily 1:1 sessions, for up to 20 weeks. Children usually make accelerated progress and many reach Age Related Expectations by the end of the intervention. We have many volunteer readers within school, who work with children who benefit from additional shared reading. Alongside this both volunteer readers and teaching assistants support our Greater Depth readers to deepen their inference and comprehension skills. 

Positive Behaviour Intervention

Sometimes children can have social or emotional difficulties that are a barrier to their learning. We have Learning Mentors who work with groups and individuals to help them to be ready to learn. The programmes we offer are nurture groups, social skills, friendship groups, turn taking, anger management, understanding emotions and emotional resilience. They are often bespoke to the needs of a particular child or group. Our mentors also work with children who need help to make difficult transitions e.g. from home to school, and they run a nurturing lunchtime club for those who would rather not play outside. In addition our whole school have had attachment training with a focus on strategies to support child who are 'looked after' or adopted. Recently we have all received Just Right training which has taught staff strategies to use with children to enable self-regulation and self-reflection. 

Speech and Language

Speech and Language - Children who have difficulty with Speech Sound Production or who need to increase their vocabulary can take part in School Start, a Speech and Language Intervention for Reception children. This lasts for 2 terms and is delivered by the class TAs, half an hour a week each for Speech Sound Production and Vocabulary. Children who have specific speech and language difficulties can be referred to a Speech Therapist who will come in to school and do an assessment. If appropriate, the Speech Therapist will devise a programme for them, which will be delivered in school by our trained HLTA, usually 10 minutes, 3 times a week. Programmes are also shared with parents and some activities can be done at home.


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