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Sports & PE Funding


Click on the documents below to read Hertford Infant and Nursery School Sports Funding Impact Statement, as well as our PE Policy. 

Background and rationale:

PE and sports premium is additional funding given to maintained primary schools and academies in England. It is targeted at improving the provision of physical education and sport in schools,

leading to improvements in:

  1. Engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity- encouraging healthy lifestyles.
  2. the profile of PE and sport being raised across the whole school as a tool for whole school improvement.
  3. Increased confidence and knowledge for all staff when teaching PE and sport.
  4. Broader range of experiences in sport and physical activity for all pupils.
  5. Increased participation in competitive sports.

This funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision for PE and sport in schools. We will be held accountable for how we have used the additional funding to support pupils progress and participation in PE and school sport. We are required to publish online information about how we have used the additional funding, including details about our sporting provision alongside curriculum details. This will ensure that parents/carers and others are made fully aware of the PE and sporting provision at Hertford Infant and Nursery School. As we are now part of the Brighton City Partnership we will also be working alongside other schools in the partnership evaluating and developing the use of Sports premium.


All schools with 17 or more primary-aged pupils will receive a lump sum of £8000 plus a premium of £5 per pupil.

For the financial year April 16- April 2017 we have received an amount of £8500.

Hertford Infant and Nursery School has a detailed action plan outlining what they are already doing to use their funding as well as future plans. The funding has enabled Hertford Infant and Nursery School to develop both the quality of PE provision throughout the school whilst enhancing the out-of-school opportunities for young people to be active.

Planned Provision Cost (approx) Purpose
Gardening £( £2,690) PAID up to December
From January  until Easter holidays (spring term)
£100 a week (including nursery sessions) x 11 weeks 
Engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity- encouraging healthy lifestyles
Pupil premium children – club funding I x child INA Costs £120 per half term
£360 to February half term
-Broader range of experiences in sport and physical activity for all pupils.
-Increased participation in competitive sports.
-Engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity- encouraging healthy lifestyles. 
Staff uniforms from next financial  year £250 or home –made? -Raising the profile of sport in schools 
-Increased confidence and knowledge for all staff when teaching PE and sport
Sand £220 PAID Outdoor learning to take place throughout the school day and at playtime/lunch time. Children can access the sand at these times
Early Birds Fitness 3 ½ terms at £90 = £270 Scott to run an Early Birds Club before school. A 30 minute session where children are engaged in a physical activity outdoors after Christmas, in the Spring term. 
The cost of the club will be an hourly rate of £12.18 per hour
( HLTA) An approximate costing of £90 for half a term
Equipment £75.95

June  payment PAID
Lo-lo balls and skipping ropes – were bought to increase exercise during playtimes. 
Children are now more active during playtimes – boys, girls and all ages have been using them.
Playground markings £2,727
 Signet signs – paid in July PAID
Bike Track and Mini-Mile markings
Reception uses the bike track in the afternoons, which has enhanced Reception children experience on the bikes. 
Mini-Mile has been used constantly. Healthy Living Week every day all children ran the Mini-Mile. It is also used in P.E. lessons and playtimes.
Coaches for sports and enrichment trips Coach will be £165.00 PAID
School to pay approx. contribution ( based on parental contribution of £4 pp
-Increased participation in physical activity for Year 1 children planned on November 17th ( sports morning for BCPfE)
Outdoor learning covering for YR1
(plus storage)
£2,630 PAID To ensure access in all weather – all year round. 
Yr/1 – can use the outdoor environment in all weathers
OPAL outdoor learning project £3,000 PAID To improve playtimes – behaviour, outdoor environment and more activity. Staff training will be given as the project evolves.
Storage and equipment – based on OPAL action plan ( play lead’s training days) Depending on advice Storage so children can self-select what they want to play with outside
Loose parts and materials a range of materials to enhance the outdoor environment. 
Developing CPD Dependent on request -Targeted  CPD for teachers when requested 
-Increased confidence and knowledge for all staff when teaching PE and sport.
- Sussex cricket foundation year 2 (free!)
-dancers in to support let’s dance or international week
Experience days   -activity days to encourage engagement in a variety of sports:
-Brighton Junior Golf 
-sussex cricket foundation day 
-futsal (ask Kay for details
Cover for PE Co-ordinator Supply Cost for 1 day
PE co-ordinator to lead and plan 1 day competitive tournament Summer term after SATS for Year 2
Planned Provision Cost (approx) TBA
PE co-ordinator to observe P.E sessions Supply To ensure that there is progression in skills and identify any CPD for staff.
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