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Code of Conduct for Parents/ Carers & Visitors

Hertford Infant and Nursery School

Code of Conduct for Parents/Carers and Visitors


The purpose of this code of conduct is to provide a reminder to all parents, carers and visitors about expected conduct, to ensure a safe and positive environment for our children and parents.

We are very fortunate to have supportive and friendly parents and carers who recognise that educating children is a process that involves partnership between home and school, and understand the importance of a good working relationship to equip children with the necessary skills for adulthood.

For these reasons we welcome and encourage parents and carers to participate fully in the life of the school, through avenues such as parents’ forums and PTA’s (Biscuit Club) and volunteering.

The purpose of this code is to provide a reminder to all parents, carers and visitors about expected conduct to ensure a safe and positive environment for our children.

Respect and Concern for others and their rights

Parents and carers are allowed on to school premises by permission of the school; this may be withdrawn if necessary.

We expect parents, carers and visitors to show respect and consideration for our diverse families and communities by:

  • Supporting the school ethos by setting a good example in their speech and behaviour towards all members of the school community both on and off the school premises.
  • Being conscious of other parents, carers and children when talking on and off the school premises so not to offend in any way.
  • Allowing plenty of time before school (8.45am for an 8.50am start) so that children arrive ready for a punctual start of the school day, to avoid disruption to their learning and that of others.
  • Respecting the school environment, including keeping the school tidy and not littering.
  • Parking carefully and respectfully, and in good time, for the safety of the children, yourself and other road users. Not parking, waiting, or stopping in No Parking areas (i.e. yellow zigzag lines and double/obstructive parking).
  • Allowing parents’ and children who need the disabled bay to have access- please be respectful of this.
  • If you scooter or cycle to school please dismount at the school gate and walk the scooter or bicycle in to the grounds to park. Thank you.
  • Not bringing animals onto the school premises for health and safety reasons, unless for educational purposes with the prior permission of the school or if you have a registered assisted dog
  • Be mindful that before and after school hours your child is in your care and the school are not responsible for your child when you choose to stay behind and play in the school grounds.

In order to support the ethos of the school, we will not tolerate:

  • Using loud and or offensive language or displaying temper.
  • Threatening, aggressive or intimidating conversations or behaviour towards another adult or child.
  • Negative language of a homophobic, racial or culturally prejudice nature.
  • Abusive threatening or damaging emails, phone, text or social network messages relating to the school.  
  • Using tobacco and E-Cigarettes, or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs on the school premises.
  • Damaging or destroying school property, with a particular focus on the use of school equipment after the school day.
  • Disruptive behaviour which interferes with teaching, learning, and administration of the school
  • Entering your child’s classroom when the teacher is not present.
  • If an issue has arisen during in the school day to please approach the teacher not the child or their parent.

The Head teacher and Governors may prohibit an adult from entering the school grounds to safeguard our school community. Adverse behaviour may be reported to the appropriate authorities.


The Head teacher, Governors and a parental working group, representative of our school community, will review this policy annually.

Signed by:

Zoe McGuigan

Head teacher

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