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Past/Current Heads & Teachers 


Head teachers


Miss M F Knight, Apr 1931 - July 1947

Miss Edith A Young, Sept 1947 - July 1959

 Mr Winston Hickman, Acting head from 1959, appointment as Head 1962 - 1968

Mr Hickman(1)

Miss Bunting later to become Mrs Cromar 1968-Dec 1975 (Mrs Cromar left to take up the position as Headteacher of the newly built Hertford Middle School which opened in Jan 1975. The official opening was 27th June 1975. This is now known as Hertford Juniors)


Mrs M. Ewens,  1975 - 1990

Mrs Ewens

Mrs R Budd (Acting Head) 1990-1991 whilst merger talks took place. The proposals were rejected

Mrs Helen Barden, 1991 -  July 1997

Mrs Mary Chambers (Acting Head) 1997 - 1998

Mrs Margaret Maiden, April 1998 - July 2002

Mrs Sue Cock (Acting Head) 2002 - 2003 whilst more merger talks took place. The proposals were rejected

Mrs Catherine Thompson, Sept 2003-December 2008

(view leaving day photos, view Mrs T retires film)

Mr Marcelo Staricoff Acting Head from Jan 2009  - Appointed Head April 2009 - July 2014

Mrs Zoe McGuigan - March 2015


Hertford Road Primary School

Mr W.E. Hickman
Miss G.H. Bradby
Miss M.E.  Girling
Miss L.M. Cater
Miss D.M. Everett
Miss Tugwell
Miss  Bunty Budd (DH)
Miss Tozer
Miss Meaker
Mrs Dewhurst
Miss Haffenden
Miss Brogatski
Mrs Milroy
Mr Grant
Miss Parrot
Mrs Collins
Miss Farmer

Hertford First School

Miss Eileen Ward
Miss Kenny
Mrs  Shelia Keir
Miss Garner
Mrs Phelan
Mrs Gard
Mrs Bunker
Mrs  Brenda Sinnet
Mrs Chambers
Mr Parsons
Miss Fox
Miss Wenzel
Miss Jill Brewer
Mrs Gilly Heather
Miss Jessica Garner (DH)
Mis Ann Fletcher

Hertford Infant and Nursery School

Nik Smith
Caroline Cowley
Syb True (DH)
Mary Merlo (DH)
Tracey Bowers  (AHT)
Hannah Chasteauneuf
Alison Bartlett
Michelle Connolly
Robb Johnson
Sevrina Virah- Sawmy
Fiona Eastwood
Ruth Simon-House
Steph Jenkins
Rachel Ramaker
Lorna Alexander (nee Devonshire)
Julia Tooke
Sarah Unsworth
Ceri Whitby
Ciara Heath
Jade Kearney
Justine Parsons (DH)

Archived Staff Photos

archived-July 1968

July 1968
Back Row: x, x, x, x, x, x
Front Row: x, x, Mr Hickman(HT), x, x


1978/79 ?
Back row: Mrs GIll Adams (Wlefare Assistant),Mrs Eileen Ward (teacher), Mrs Shelia Keir (teacher), Mrs Margaret Cotteral (secretary), Miss Wenzel (teacher), Mrs Jill Brewer (teacher)
Front Row: Miss Gilly Heather (teacher), Mrse Ann Jefferies (welfare assistant), Miss Anne Fletcher (teacher), supply cover teacher, Miss Jessica Garner (Deputy Head), Miss Margaret Savage (teacher) 


Back Row:Mrs Gill Adams (welfare assistant), Mrs Margaret Cotteral (secretary), Mrs Shelia Keir (teacher), Miss Anen Fletcher (teacher), Mrs Ann Jeffries(TA)
Front Row:Mrs Eileen Ward (teacher), Mrs Bunty Budd (Deputy Head), Mrs Marion Ewens (Head), Miss Margaret Savage (teacher), Mrs Brenda Sinnett


Back Row: Mrs Ward, Mrs Jeffries
Front Row: Mrs Simnet, Mrs Budd, Mrs Ewens, x, Mrs Keir


Back Row: Mrs Marden(TA), Mrs Hunter(Sec), Mrs Budd, Mrs Jeffries (TA), Mr Leahy(caretaker)
Front Row: Mrs Bunker, Mrs Simnet, Mrs Ewens(HT) Mrs Keir, Mrs Ward


Back Row: Miss Gard, Mr Parsons, Mrs Hunter(Sec)
Front Row: Mrs Chambers, Mrs Marden(TA), Mrs Budd(Acting HT), Mrs Ward, Miss Fox

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