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Please send us any class photos you have so we can add them to our archive. Also let us know if you recognise yourself in any of our photos or can put names to faces. Thank you.


Mr Hickman's Class                Head: Miss Young



photo from the Hickman Collection 


Miss Tugwells Class.            Head: Miss Young

from the collection of Tony Collier

Top Row - Tony Collier, Brian Palmer, Ivor Webb, ????, Gerald Herriott
2nd Row Down - Miss Tugwell, ???, ???, Michael Kennedy, Paul Type, Graham Penfold, ???, ???, Richard Custance, Michael Whitmill , Miss Young  
3rd Row Down - ???, ???, Pauline White, ???, Penny Hotton, ???, Elaine Barlett, ???, Lorraine Skinner  
4th Row Down - ???, ???, ???, Angela Norman, Valerie Hamlet, Jennifer Church, Mary Kuhlar, ???, ???  
Bottom Row - ???, Michael Challon, David Godfrey, ???, ???, ???, Lesley Davey, ???, Gordon Beard

Please contact us if you can fill in any of the gaps.



photo from the collection of Marion Doyle
 (nee Mitchener)

"My brother Tom Mitchener is 3rd from the right
 2nd row from back."


Mr Hickman's Class          Head: Miss Young


Mr Hickmans Class


photo from the collection of Marion Doyle
(nee Mitchener)

Tom Mitchener  is centre 2nd row from back.


the younger children


Mrs Tugwell's Class 

Hi There. Some good few years have passed away, but my memory isn't as bad as I thought it was. Here goes with the names I can remember: Back: Peter Maidlow,?, Robert Niblett, John (?)Sproats, John Tapsell. 4th Row: Ray White (not sure on this),not sure on next few, but John Taylor on the end. 3rd row: Howard Bowles, John Thorpe,?, Vivien Chipman, ?,?, Dave Sherrard,?, Paul Winch, next three?. 2nd row:?, John Steel, Jennifer James, Jackie Clark?,Teresa Graham, Audrey Eade, Christine Marchant, Pauline Elliott, ...Goddard, ?, Paula Shelley, Tom Mitchener, Kenny Potter. Front row: ?, Robin Hemsley, Alan McKenzie (not sure), Peter Whitcomb, Terry Porter, Ricky Harrison,?, Des Ost, Michael Preston, ?. Some of the other names seem to be on the tip of my toingue and I may recall them later. Vicki Moffit? Pauline Campbell? Good luck - hope someone else sees this and can name a few more.      Peter Whitcomb (13/01/2010)

Have just seen this class photo - I am in the middle row, 5th child from the right!     David Virgo (08/10/2010)


Miss Budd's Class.            photo provided by Gary Murphy (middle back row)

The same photo was submitted to the My Brighton and Hove website by Barry Plank 

I found this old school photograph again recently and thought that it might make some of you smile - if you can recognise yourselves that is. I can only remember a few of the names (if my memory serves me correctly). In the photo are: Jean Arrun - Harry Wolven - Peter Braddick - Maurice Bowles - Jean Peel - Peter Meadows - Ann payne - ? Jefferies. Now that's not bad, considering that with the exception of Jean Peel, I have not seen any of them for fifty seven years! So can anyone identify themselves - or anyone else here?

additional names since added by Gary Murphy (via My Brighton and Hove website)

Front, L-R, William White, Christopher?,Robin Campbell, Peter Medhurst, Philip Morgan, John Sussex, Roger Townsend, Alan Burton, Geoffrey Steel. Next row, can only remember Jean Peel, Maureen White, Linda Verrion, Joan Payne, Sandra Crouch, Gillian Dorman. Next, Michael Hickman, Peter Braddick, David Cowstick, Michael Wilson, -, John Eastwood, Terry Gray, -,-, Charles Parks, Maurice Bowles. Next, Deidre Hancock, Shirley Challen, -,-, Derek Wolvern, Anne Chapman, Malcolm Jeffries. Back row - Jean ?, Graham Childs, Me, David Funell, Philip Ward. Maybe someone else can fill in the blanks! 




Photo and information kindly sent by Peter Whitcomb

Michael, my brother, has just emailed me a class photo of 1955 - see attached. A good number of the faces can be identified 

 Top row: Bob Virgo, Billy Cowan, ??, Hillary Paskins, Dave McCabe, ??, ??

3rd row: ??, ??, Mary Fitch, Rob Sproats, Trevor Goddard, ??, ??, ??, ??, Terry Rickards

2nd row: Roger...., Robina Harper, ??, Valerie Piggot, ??, Ann Woods, Anita Graham, Paula Stanley, Jackie Hard, ??, ??

Front: ??, Keith Eade, Keith Charlwood, Colin Varty. Roy Alexander, Michael Whitcomb, Chris Robinson, Paul Elliott


Miss Tozers Class

This photo courtesy of Pat Ashdown Shepherd.

Annex Class based at St Josephs 


Hertford Class @ The Annex at St Josephs 

from the Hickman Collection


Hertford Class @ The Annex at St Josephs 

photo provided by Gary Murphy (far left back row)

 Information from Digby Monk - I was at Hertford Road school from 1952 and have just noticed myself in the photo of Gary Murphy's on this site of the Annex Class at St Josephs of 1958. After all these many years, other then to identify myself (4th from right - back row) and Gary Murphy from the photo, the only other I can i/d is Stewart Coblenze  (not sure if  I have spelt this correctly) middle row seated - 2nd from left.  I have fond me memories of the school and in particular Mr Grant one of the teachers at the annex.


photo provided by Rita Asdown Barren


photo kindly provided by Roger Rowlands

Back row (L to R): Lee Glover, Michael Carter, Michael Ticehurst, Tony Hother, Martin Franks, Philip Macglennon, Michael Gobey.

Second row down: Elizabeth Bennet, Joan Rubridge, Lynn Cresswell, Chriteen Gobey (twin of Michael), Jennifer Mitchel, Candy Clark, Linda Drake, Marilyn Trott.

Third Row down: Nina Hutson, Raymond Hall,  Roberta White, Jenny Graves, Carol Sumbler, Marion Burton, Christine Leech, Roger Rowlands.

Front row. Malcolm Strange, Kenny Macolgan , Graham Chambers, Geoffrey Lee.

1961 -62

Last Junior Class before the school changed from a Primary to an Infant School.

from the Hickman collection 

from the collection of Richard Lewis
from the collection of Richard Lewis


Photo kindly provided by Michelle Keates

who returned to be a TA at the school 

from the collection of Richard Lewis
from the collection of Richard Lewis
from the collection of Richard Lewis


Mrs White's Class

Photo provided by Jo Gander via Facebook



Mrs Phillips Class 

1st Row Bottom L-R: X,x,x,x,x,Graham Dale, x,x,x,x

2nd Row L-R:

3rd Row L-R: x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x, x, Maria Stenning 

4th Top Row L-R:


photo provided by Andrew Knock (first pupil, first standing row)



photo provided by Lara Denyer

It's taken a little while, but I've managed to find and scan the two class photos from Hertford Infants in the early 70's. The first I think was taken around 1972, our first year in the Infants. Unfortunately I can't remember our Teacher's name, but I do remember some of the other faces.  I'm in the second row, 4th from left. 


photo provided by Lisa Pierce via Facebook



Miss Tozers Class

Names: Graham Dale, Jo West, Steve Reitz,  Peter Winn, Ian Hill, Debbie Long, Mike Webb, Dave Fogden, Debbie Lawrence, Tracy Budd 



photo provided by Jackie Peters

Top Row L-R

Middle Row L-R x ,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,Kevin Druce?, Mandy Johnson

Bottom Row L-R Theresa Owen,x,x,x,x,x,Jackie Butterworth, x,x,x


photo provided by Lara Denyer

I think our Teacher was Mrs Kenny, and I seem to recall that prior to Herford Middle opening, the years were mixed, as some of the faces in this picture, were in the year above me once we moved up to the middle school. Again I'm 4th from left in the second row (seated). Both were taken in the hall. 


photo provided by Lisa Pierce via Facebook



Miss Fox's Class

From the collection of Chris Marden (school governor)

Names provided by Andy Beal via Facebook 

Back left to right: Samuel Langridge, Andy Beal, Joseph Howells, Glen Gearing, Adam Notman, Stephen Whatford, Craig Muldoon, Grant Crossley, Miss Fox

Middle Row: Adam Hill, Ricky Tester, Lee Domogala, Sian Paxton, Ricki Longman, Mario Ribeiro, Grant Warnett, Lewis Yorke-Johnson

Bottom Row: Emily Lindford, Lisa Cornwall, ??, May Roberts, Stacey Slaughter, ??, Peter Ann Corbett, ??, Katherine Dainty, Linda Childs


Mr Parsons Class

From the collection of Chris Marden (school governor in 2015)

Names provided by via Facebook 

Back left to right: Trev Micheal Lalwani, Steve Johnson, Gary Wallis-Tayler, Ricky Brown, Carl Parks, Andy Tyrrell, Mr Parsons

Middle: Craig Hatton, ??, Natalie Taylor, Kristina Horne, Toni Hudson, Sophie Mepham, ??, Rhys Williams

Bottom: x Danielle Youles, Emily Moore, ??, ??, Tara McEntee, ??, Gemma Tyrer, Kim ?




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