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Christmas play - Aladdin 1957

Peter Whitcomb My brother, Michael Whitcomb is right in the centre. Other faces I can name are Mary Ruth Fitch, Malcom Jeffries and Keith Charlwood.

Michael Whitcomb You will also find Maurice Bowles, Michael Hickman, Gillian Moss, Charlie Parkes, Peter Medhurst, Colin Varty, Keith Eade Bob Virgo, Dave Gibbons, John Eastwood, Jill Potter, Peter Braddick, Paula Stanley, Robina Harper, Sandra Watts, Anne Woods and Jackie Hard. As far as I know this was the 1957/8 production of Aladdin

Michael Whitcomb ...and, yes, it was indeed while we were based at St Joseph's  I have a framed copy of this picture in my 'den' in Manhattan. Very special memories.

Jacqui Aspinall I was Aladdin I'm next to the king at the back in front of Malcolm Jeffries. I think the king was Keith Eade but I could be wrong. Jacqui Hard that was.

Nativity 1Nativity 1a

Pat Ashdown Shepherd The angel iis Geoffrey Bennett. Not sure of the year but late 50's.

Nativity 2

Pat Ashdown Shepherd Mary is Pat Gold.

Rita Ashdown Barren My dolly was baby Jesus.

Rita Ashdown Barren Looks like Christine Smeaton is the lower angel and David Rowlands is the boy kneeling on the right. I recognise other faces but don't remember their names. Girl next to Mary could be Gill Potter.

Pat Ashdown Shepherd I thought it was Christine Smeaton but I wasn't sure. I think it is Gill Potter too.

Christmas Party

Christmas Party 50s - 2

Carole Kelly I can still remember the excitement and thrill of those sleigh bells and the torchlight lighting Santa's way as he arrived to hand me the gift that earlier my mum had given me to hand in to school and the slight disappointment to find it was hankies embroidered with my initials ha ha....but the enchantment stays with me 

Maralyn Ridgewell I remember the sleigh bells as we all sat in the hall. Wonderful.

Ann Smallwood I can remember sitting hearing the bells and the beam of the torch as Santa made his way to the door at the back of the building. Pure magic!!!

Christmas Party 50s -1

With thanks to the members of the Brighton-Past Facebook Page for their memories and for putting names to faces.

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