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Mathematics is taught through a variety of fun, purposeful interactive and child centered activities, both as stand alone lessons or as an integral part of topic work. Children from Years 1 and 2 have clearly set out learning objectives for maths as outlined in the new National Curriculum.

mathsThe children are taught the following aspects: calculation (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing); shape, measurement (weight, height, time and capacity); data handling; counting; understanding number (place value, odd and even numbers and counting patterns) and number facts (pairs of numbers that make 10, 20, times tables) and simple fractions. We also have a skilled teaching assistant who can support children with the development of specific Mathematical skills during interventions.

We believe that the development of children’s oral and mental strategies is of great importance.Children are taught the various strategies that are required to solve problems mentally and they are encouraged to tracey mathsexplain their methods and ideas using the correct mathematical vocabulary. This provides them with a secure understanding before they move on to learn the standard written methods of recording. Mathematics lessons provide opportunities for children to practise and consolidate their skills and knowledge and to apply them to real life situations. Links are also made with other curriculum areas and children will be encouraged to apply the skills they have learned in mathematics in areas such as science, technology, art and literacy.


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