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Speaking and listening is at the heart of all we do across the curriculum.



There are numerous opportunities to practice reading with adults in school throughout the week in different areas of the curriculum and on occasions, on a one to one basis with adults. The children can choose a book to take home and read each night.

We have a library area and group reading sessions take place there weekly; the library is full of quality text that can support children’s leaning to be extended.

In terms of writing, children in our school are encouraged to write for a real purpose and for a range of audiences: stories, letters, poems, information, instructions, blogging etc. We support the children to become enthusiastic writers who are able to critique their writing and know the ways to edit and improve. Children are taught from the beginning to write legibly in a style that will help them join their writing (cursive) by Year 1.

Children develop their communication skills, pose questions and respond to questions and articulate their feelings and opinions clearly and sensitively. Through our weekly ‘Good to be Me’ sessions we encourage and develop the children’s skills in public speaking.

Reading is also given a high priority at Hertford Infant and Nursery and we are proud to have a higher level teaching assistant who can support children with the development of specific English skills. We aim to instil in our children a love of reading and of books. The children are introduced to a wide range of non-fiction and fiction books in a variety of genres. Children are taught to read in small ability groups. 

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